Because we used to sleep almost every night over the webcam before she left for Navy Basic Training. :)

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Call me Al!!

Had a great time with Al Shearer at last night’s BET Awards over ooVoo!

"Hello from your new Community Manager!"

Hi ooVoo,

My name is Zhila Shariat, and I am thrilled to introduce myself as ooVoo’s new Community Manager! I am so excited about this role because I love seeing all of the unique and creative ways our community already uses ooVoo, and I am also looking forward to all of the awesome things we at ooVoo have been working on bringing to you in the near future!

You will be hearing a lot from me in the upcoming weeks, and I would of course love to hear from you! You can add me on ooVoo (zshariat) or find me on Twitter (@djtanner_), and you can always reach out to the official Twitter (@ooVoo) and Facebook page with any feedback, questions, or ideas.  Looking forward to hearing from you as we connect and celebrate our awesome community!

Click to video call me


The ooVoo team is hard at work on the next set of new features.   New friends to discover and content to create and discover.  The road ahead is filled with great ooVoo WE.ARE.ON!


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